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The priority of elected officials must be citizens, not corporations, not illegal aliens and not organizations

Contact your congressman today. Each year the U. S. Border Patrol is making more apprehensions of people who flagrantly violate our nation's laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders to work and to receive publicly-funded services, often with the aid of fraudulent documents. Such entry is a misdemeanor and, if repeated, becomes punishable as a felony. Over twenty one million illegal immigrants live in the United States -- some estimate even more.

In addition to sneaking into the country in violation of the immigration law that requires that aliens be documented for legal entry (referred to as "entry without inspection -- EWI"), others enter with legal documentation and then violate the terms on which they have been admitted by taking jobs that are not authorized or overstaying the authorized period of stay in the country. The INS estimated in 1996 that about 60 percent of the then estimated five million illegal immigrants were EWI and 40 percent were over stayers. Both types of illegal immigrants are deportable under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) which says:

"Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable."

Report Illegal Aliens and Employers

Please write or call your Congressmen and Senators ASAP

Talking points when you call your Senator and Representative:

Enforcement and attrition are the solutions, not AMNESTY. Pro-amnesty supporters claim the only solution to the crisis is legalization because mass deportation is not feasible. Actually enforcement of existing laws is the only solution as rewarding illegal aliens will trigger even more mass illegal migration. The problem must be fixed first and the problem of millions of illegal aliens can be dealt with by Attrition. Once laws are enforced most illegal aliens will return to their homeland.

Illegal migration is not a human right. Pro-amnesty supporters portray the plight of illegal aliens as a human rights issue. However, violating the borders of a sovereign nation is not a right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." Yet human rights advocates vociferously and erroneously claim such a right without justification as such a right is not provided in the widely accepted human rights declaration.

Enforcement and AMNESTY are incompatible. AMNESTY is rewarding law breakers and enforcement is punitive and are mutually exclusive. It is totally hypocrisy to claim one is for AMNESTY but against illegal immigration. Our borders must be secured. Armed Mexican military must be prevented from crossing our borders. Our government must be forced to refuse to accept fraudulent documents used by illegal aliens.

It's an AMNESTY. The open border elites claim the guest worker bills are not amnesty because they do not require payment of a token fine before eligibility for permanent residency (green card) or because they do not offer a path to citizenship. That is a flat-out lie. The laws governing illegal immigration bar legal reentry into the United States for several years before eligibility is restored. A token fine is a thinly disguised waiver of the penalty. Amnesty is defined as waiving of a penalty. Illegal aliens are subject to deportation. The various guest worker bills waives the deportation penalty. Duh, it's an AMNESTY.

Guest worker programs have been world-wide failures. Many of the immigrant problems in England such as the London bombings and French Muslim riots are a lingering result of non-assimilation from post-WWII guest worker programs. The US Bracero program was a failure. Even many pro-illegal immigration ethnic advocates admit guest worker programs are failures. This aspect has received little debate, yet the Senate is poised to embark on a direction that promises huge future problems of non-assimilation and radicalization of third-class workers.

Guest workers are permanent. Pro-illegal invasion supporters tout the program as temporary, but that is another flat-out lie. Our immigration programs are riff with facts proving that foreign nationals, once here, do not return to their homeland.

Guest worker programs are a threat to homeland security. Senators should know this, but apparently are prepared to ignore this key problem with any guest worker program. The one key question Senators are unwilling and unprepared to answer is who will do the background checks on the illegal aliens participants and new guest workers? The fact is the Department of Homeland Security is utterly incapable of carrying out this vital function.

Guest workers mean more unemployed and underemployed Americans. The continued mass influx of foreign worker who work for less means the continued displacement of legal American workers and a further degradation of benefits for American workers. The current guest worker proposals include massive increases in H-1B visas indicating that the true intent of elites is to flood all industries with cheap foreign labor. American workers in all industries will be under further wage depression and loss of benefits.

Guest worker amnesty means more illegal migration. History has clearly shown that amnesties cause more illegal migration. After the huge 1986 amnesty which was supposedly 'the last amnesty' the rate of illegal immigration exploded to the current level of upwards of 20 million illegal aliens in the US today.

Citizen action is urgently needed!

Border Patrol: Necessary but not sufficient

The Border Patrol plays a crucial role in combating illegal immigration, but illegal immigration cannot be controlled solely at the border. About half of the illegal alien population is comprised of visa over stayers--people who entered the country legally, but became illegal aliens by their failure to leave the U.S. upon expiration of their visa. Once entry occurs, there is little chance of detection and virtually no chance of deportation, except for convicted criminals.

What can we do?

We need a comprehensive program to end illegal immigration; that means ensuring that people who enter illegally or overstay their lawful status will not be able to obtain employment, public assistance benefits, public education, public housing, or any other taxpayer-funded benefit without detection.

The three major components of immigration control--deterrence, apprehension and removal--need to be strengthened by Congress and the Executive Branch if effective control is ever to be reestablished. Controlling illegal immigration requires a balanced approach with a full range of enforcement improvements that go far beyond the border. These include many procedural reforms, beefed up investigation capacity, asylum reform, documents improvements, major improvements in INS detention and deportation procedures, limitations on judicial review, improved intelligence capacity, greatly improved state/federal cooperation, and added resources.

What about the costs?

Effective control and management of the laws against illegal immigration require adequate resources. But those costs will be more than offset by savings to states, counties, communities, and school districts across the nation.

Also see:

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii): Aiding, abetting, harboring, encouraging illegal's a felony and Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1325(a)(b)(1)(2)(c)(d): Improper entry by alien